Living the Salt Life in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida |

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, and if you’re looking to catch some waves and catch some rays, Jacksonville has the perfect beach for you.

For Fitness Junkies

Home to more shoreline than any other city in the nation and 80,000 acres of green spaces, Jacksonville is where fitness meets adventure:

  • Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park at Atlantic Beach: With 1.5 miles of sandy beach, 20 miles of trails and 450 acres of natural woods and dunes, this is ideal for runners, swimmers and both, leisure and mountain bikers.
  • Huguenot Memorial Park: Locals have nicknamed the park the “Big Jetties” because the park offers access to the jetties used to guide ships from the ocean into the mouth of the St. Johns River. Adventure seekers can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and swimming at “The Jetties.”

For Party Animals

  • Jacksonville Beach: The busiest of Jacksonville’s beaches, this is a great place to get in on all the action. With waterfront restaurants, live music, and beach shopping, this is the place to be when you’re looking to soak up the sun.

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