Mississippi: DOT Offers Summer Road Trip Tips

Labor Day Holiday Traffic | 511eNews.com

Mississippi summertime is in full swing, and with families preparing to travel for summer vacation, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) would like to offer some helpful tips to road-trippers everywhere.

After you have thoroughly checked your vehicle and made sure it is running properly, there are still some things you can do before you hit the road to make sure the trip is enjoyable for you and your passengers. Long car rides can be tedious for drivers and passengers alike. Here are a few travel tips MDOT would like to share:

– Make sure you have a supply of water and snacks, maybe even a little caffeine for those long stretches between pit stops.
– Take a blanket and pillow so passengers can nap comfortably.
– Be sure to bring along tissues, disinfectant wipes and paper towels for inevitable messes.
– Keep an umbrella or poncho handy for those pop-up summer showers.
– Don’t forget the charger for your cell phone, GPS or other frequently used navigation tool.

To make the most of your summer road trip, think about how to make the trip as comfortable as possible for you and your passengers. If you have children, put together a little box of coloring books, card games and other activities to keep them occupied. Taking frequent breaks from driving to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery will also help ensure that you and your passengers don’t get too fatigued, and will add to your road trip experience.

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