Virginia DOT Reconstructing I-95 Exits in Stafford and Fredericksburg

I-95 Fredericksburg | I-95 Exit Guide

Using $18 million from their Highway Safety Improvement Program, the Virginia Department of Transportation will be reconstructing I-95 exits in Stafford and Fredericksburg.

Safety improvements will be made to I-95 Exit 130 (VA 3/Fredericksburg) and I-95 Exit 133 (US 17/Falmouth). These two Interstate exits had crash rates well above the statewide average.

Construction will include:

– Extending the acceleration lane for Interstate 95 northbound traffic entering from Route 3 westbound, allowing more time to merge.

– Extending the ramp entrance lane on Route 3 westbound for traffic entering the I-95 northbound cloverleaf ramp.

– Increasing the number of lanes exiting Interstate 95 southbound to Route 3 westbound.

– Creating a separate, collector-distributor ramp to the Carl D. Silver Parkway entrance at Central Park. This will reduce traffic weaving and conflicts.

– Adding more lanes on the remainder of I-95 southbound exit ramp to Route 3 westbound.

– Extending the length of the I-95 southbound deceleration lane for traffic exiting at Route 3 westbound.

– Extending the acceleration ramp on for I-95 southbound traffic entering from Exit 133, prior to the Rappahannock River Bridge.

Currently the design for the project’s improvements is being drafted. Construction will begin in 2016, and will finish in late 2017.

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